Supplier Guidelines

All studios, artists and suppliers to INKPAY agree to conform to the following:

  1. Products & services must be legally able to be offered for sale.
  2. Products & services must not offend public standards of decency or be offensive in any way.
  3. Products & services must fulfill the legal standards in respect of: corresponding with their description; being fit for purpose: and, being of merchantable quality.
  4. Products & services must not be considered dangerous and all products & services must be certified for use in compliance with all regulations and standards set by any governing body having legal authority to set such regulations and standards.
  5. Photographs, images and product descriptions provided to us must be of high quality. INKPAY does not stipulate guidelines as to the style of photograph, image or product description as we do not wish to restrict creativity, but INKPAY does retain a general power not to approve content where, in the sole judgement of INKPAY, the photographs, images or product descriptions are not of sufficiently high quality. The judgement of INKPAY in this respect shall be final and conclusive.
  6. The price of a product & service offered on the INKPAY platform shall not exceed the price at which the Supplier offers that product in their own normal business.
  7. INKPAY retains a general right not to approve, or to withdraw their approval, of any product which, at INKPAY's sole discretion, INKPAY does not consider to be in conformity with the general standards or focus of the respective e-marketplaces.
  8. By becoming a Supplier of products & services on the INKPAY platform, you understand that you are operating professionally and legally under the jurisdiction of your locality. It is the Suppliers responsibility to comply with all legislative requirements and regulations in accordance with such in the Suppliers location of business.