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The Dark Essence

Dark Essence Tattoo Gallery is Melbourne’s new premier studio.

Located in Richmond, The Dark Essence Tattoo Gallery is renowned and managed by internationally renowned artist Joe Metrix. Along with a near-decade of industry experience, Joe brings his world-class needle brand ‘Metrix Needles’ exclusively to The Dark Essence Tattoo Gallery.

Hosting up to 14 artists at one time, with two private rooms available, The Dark Essence Tattoo Gallery offers an amazing experience for first-timers and regular clients alike. We proudly maintain a safe, fun and clean studio. With an unwavering focus on hygiene, customer service and professionalism, The Dark Essence Tattoo Gallery is carving it\’s name into the bedrock of Melbourne\’s best tattoo studios and galleries. Artistically we focus primarily on an unworldly, luxurious gothic style. Our team of artists always work hard for your designs, with the mastery to capture and portray a wide range of elegance and character in each piece. The Dark Essence Tattoo Gallery proudly hosts guest artists from across the globe on a monthly basis.