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Hail friends of Midgard (realm of the humans) and welcome to the Forge! My private studio is located in Berwick, Victoria, Australia, completely Health Department approved and as a member of the Australian Tattooist Guild I aim to uphold the highest standards in tattoo practice.

All tattoos and consultations are by appointment only and that a deposit is required before I commence a design or secure an appointment.
Thur 12pm – 4pm
Fri 12pm – 4pm
Sat 12pm – 8pm
Sun 12pm – 8pm

Any person wanting to get a tattoo must be 18 and over. There are NO exceptions. 
Parental consent does not legally entitle a minor to get a tattoo. No ID means NO tattoo. 
Strictly no children under the age of 16 are allowed in the studio at any time. No exceptions. 
Alcohol is not permitted in the studio at any time and persons under the influence will be asked to leave.

A quote is an estimate only but I will always try to consider my initial quote.
The actual price of the tattoo can vary based on many factors, especially time. 
My quotes are generally based on a $165 per hour rate.
I don’t care if you’ve been quoted cheaper, I stand by my prices.

Deposits will not be refunded if I have started the design, finished or not.
Deposits will not be refunded if an appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.
Deposits are deducted from the price of the tattoo upon completion of the entire tattoo.
Anyone who does not show up for appointments without notifying me will not be welcome back.

With Love, NailZ

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