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Just a cruisy  25 minute drive North of Surfers Paradise is a sleepy beachside village where,  in a 1950’s Beach Batch, you will find…. ONE OF THE GOLD COASTS’ BEST REALISM ARTISTS USING WORLD CLASS MATERIALS FROM PREP TO WRAP! 

Enjoy the chill factor only a Private Studio can offer, a Studio where it’s all about YOU with zero walk-ins, no distractions, minimal breaks, chill music and most of all.. QUALITY INK.  

Jungle Ink is not just about giving you a Tattoo, it’s an experience. Each Tattoo carries memories and Jungle Ink is all about creating the best Ink experience and memory to last your entire life.

Artist/Owner Albatross, has an Arts Career spanning decades, with work in Collections around the world.  This was BEFORE Albatross began working in Skin so it makes sense that Custom Tattoos be the focus. 

“ In my opinion, an awesome Tattoo is 90 percent about the Artwork and when that’s 100 percent, your Tattoo becomes… ‘A WORK OF ART’.’’   Albatross. 

Albatross is… an Artist that brings Art to Life,  for the ‘Discerning Collector’. 

STUDIO DIAL:  048 188 1888       FB: https://www.facebook.com/bespoketattoos/    INSTA: @jungleinktattoo       EMAIL: jungleinked@gmail.com

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