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Company OverviewDisciples of Ink is the sole operated business of Award-Winning Tattooist, Kieran Tyrrell.

Kieran a well-received and respected artist within the Australian Tattoo Artist Community having accelerated his career as a Tattoo Artist, his accolades over the past decade have proven his persistence, development and knowledge within the craft, and awarded positions as Secretary and Victoria Representative for the Australian Tattooist Guild.

Kieran’s journey into the world of tattooing has been a lifelong passion of creating, designing, drawing and painting since his youth. Kieran is a graduate student of Visual Arts, Printmaking, Electronic Design and Interactive Media. This lead him to work as a Graphic Designer and Animator, then altering his trajectory into the world of Tattooing.

Kieran has excelled over the years of training in his career, he has been championed and awarded for his ongoing successes with his designs and his work on creations of Tattoo Machines.

He is a disciplined Disciple of Ink; the genius and genesis of his artistic branding within the ever-changing terrain in the world of tattooing and body modifications.

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