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Absolute Tattoo Kingscliff

There is something a bit special happening south of the border down Kingscliff way.

Nestled in the main street of relatively conservative Kingscliff, opposite the surf club and the rolling waves of Wommin Bay, is a tattoo shop. Not just an ordinary tattoo shop. This one is a step, a leap, beyond anything ordinary.

46 Marine Parade, Kingscliff is home to the Absolute family of award winning tattoo artists, Zoe Maxwell, Dane McKenzie, Rady J Blackcrab, Coco Loberg, Jazz Adele and our apprentices Zarra Ryan, Jamie Peters and Connor Loberg

At first encounter it appears to be a warped sort of art gallery and curiosity shop. Absolute Tattoo is a bit of an anomaly in this otherwise (apart from tourist mayhem times) cruisy little town betwixt between the Goldie and Byron, smack-dab in the middle of paradise.

The joint is so jam-packed with art, paintings, sculptures, furniture, photos, jewellery, books, leather works. Odd objects d’art lurking everywhere. The eye darts from one unique treasure to another. Then another. Skulls embedded in the floor. Elaboratly framed mirrors and paintings. Insanely beautiful hand-made leather-bound tomes, guitar straps, cuffs. Art-nouveau, pop-surrealist, low-brow books imported from L.A.   That monolithic, creepy looking door. A former Commonwealth Bank building, the massive vault door has been remodelled into an eerily rusty, Frankenstein portal into the dark nether world.

Running out of wall space in the shop to display all the accumulating artifacts, the back yard has been taken over. The walls of adjoining buildings have become an extension of the shop/gallery, a backdrop for hanging and creating works of art. Hence the invention of “Wall Thief”. Every 3 months, on an unexpected Monday evening, the backyard is transformed into an ever evolving gallery, canvas, light and rock show. Local bands have been brought in to entertain. Drones hover over head in the night sky like inquisitive UFOs. Projectors flash films and images onto the walls and into peoples’ brains.