Responsible Spending

Responsible Spending


INKPAY was built to make the purchasing of a Tattoo easier, not to make finances harder, and we are fully committed to responsible spending.

When you sign up to INKPAY, our systems calculate your ability to comfortably make repayments and then we allocate a reasonably cautious initial limit, based on these repayment capabilities. This limit can only increase once we get to understand your ability to manage your INKPAY account without hardship.

We don’t want to see you in over your head, and certainly don’t want to see you struggling. We want to help you budget for your perfect Tattoo.

We make our money by charging the studio a small commission, not by charging our customers interest or fees/fines. As long as you pay your INKPAY instalments on time, every time, we will never charge you any fees or interest. That means you won’t spend a single penny more for your Tattoo than agreed with your studio.

INKPAY also has a hardship policy which you can find here: Hardship Policy

For further help, education and information about managing debt or spending responsibly, the following websites may be of interest and assistance:

National Debt Helpline

ASIC TrackMySPENDChoice - budgeting software