Tired of sending emails, pics and descriptions of your next Tattoo to randomly-Googled studios via emails, Facebook DM’s etc... Just to try and get an idea of the cost?

Relax, we’ve got you!

QuikQuote is our solution to this little problem (it’s painful for Studios too)! Designed to put the right jobs & customers with the right Studios & Artists, QuickQuote cuts the crap and delivers a win-win for all.

Simply fill out the quick form, upload an image if you want to, and hit ‘GO’!

Our engines will send your Job to all the relevant INKPAY partner studios in your area, who will then quickly take a look and respond with an estimate.

You can then see the ballpark cost, check out the studio and the artists, and drop them a line to get the ball rolling!

Just remember, QuikQuote is an ESTIMATE tool, and is not a final, fixed price. So much can change with Tattoos (placement, size, skin-type etc....) that it’s best to visit the guys in person once you know who’s going to get your gig 🙂