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Inkpay Benefits

How It Works

Inkpay Limit

Get Your Inkpay Limit

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up an INKPAY account. If everything is cool, we’ll arm you with up to $1,500 for your new Tattoo!

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Free Quote or Find A Studio

Use our QuikQuote tool to post your job, or simply find an INKPAY Studio and go see them! Remember you can only spend as much as your limit allows!

Tattoo Services

Get Your Ink

Once a job & price has been agreed, the Studio will raise the job invoice with us and we’ll send a unique payment plan to you within 1 Minute. Hit 'Accept', pay your 40% Deposit and you’re good to go!

6 Weeks to pay

Take 6 Weeks To Pay

Flexible weekly or fortnightly repayment methods all you to choose how many repayments you make over 6 weeks. No Interest, Ever!

Using Inkpay

It Has Never Been Easier

All you have to do is register and, if everything stacks up, we'll issue a pre-determined dollar amount for you to go and spend with an INKPAY partner studio (you can find them all here).

We don't do credit checks, nor will we judge your past. We do check who you are and if you have the ability to repay, and will try to give everybody a fair go where we can.

As long as you make your payments to us in full & on time, there are NO fees or charges. Zero.

Plus, if you pay on time you’ll be in the draw to win your Tattoo, then after every job is finished we may offer to increase your INKPAY limit, so you can get even more from your INKPAY account!

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