Give the gift that lasts forever!

(without breaking the bank straight away - yay!)


Everybody knows somebody who want’s their next (or first) Tattoo… What better time to give it to them than Christmas 🙂
INKPAY’s newest feature allows you to use some or all of your current INKPAY limit and pre-approve your nearest and dearest for their new Tattoo.


It’s as easy as 1,2,3
1) Make sure you have an INKPAY limit (oh, and you’ll also need the receivers name, email & mobile deets)
2) Go to your INKPAY dashboard and hit ‘GIFT INK’
3) Fill in the form - and you’re done!


The recipient will receive an email & SMS to let them know their fave person in the world has gotten them the ULTIMATE GIFT!


Just like the usual INKPAY way, when they have organised their dream Ink with any INKPAY studio, you will receive a notification of the job details and a payment plan to start the gift. You will pay 40% to activate it (and they can then get the Tattoo, then you will pay 3 x 20% stage payments over the following 6 weeks.
*The Gift recipient will need to be 18yrs or over, and will need to register at INKPAY to claim their gift.



Q - Awesome! But I want to surprise my friend/family member on Christmas Day - how?
A - Simple - Just jump into your INKPAY account on Christmas morning and send the gift then. Your receiver will get the messages as soon as you hit the button!


Q - I have $1000 limit. If I gift $500 of it, but then go and get myself a $600 Tattoo, how does that work?
A - It doesn’t! Your limit will remain intact until your recipient claims the gift and you activate it. Then your limit will decrease accordingly. However, if you spend your limit before they claim their gift, then the gift won’t be able to activate (and you’ll have some explaining to do to them lol)


Q - Are they guaranteed to receive the gift?
A - Absolutely. Unless you either spend your limit before they claim the gift (see above) or you make a mess of things and somehow get your account blocked (due to non-payment of a different tattoo etc). Behave yourself and all will be perfect!


Q - I live abroad and want to give somebody in Australia INKPAY as a gift. Can I?

A - Nope 🙁 Right now, you must be an Australian resident to obtain an INKPAY account. Again, in our shiny new version later in 2020, we will be powering international transactions 🙂

For any other questions on gifting INKPAY, email our customer care team -


Q - If my quote comes back at $1000, and I got gifted $500 while having a $500 limit, would I be able to get the ink with both the gift and my personal limit?
The short answer is No 🙁 a gift is totally separate to your own unique limit.
In situations like this, you will need to ask the studio to create 2 x separate jobs (Ie: for $500 each). It won’t cost them any more than usual.
Job 1 will be to one account (yours or the gift-givers) and job 2 will be to the other account.
Explain to the studio what you’re doing and if there are any issues, they can contact us directly.
Once both jobs have been raised and deposited, the studio will receive the notification to go ahead and get to work 🙂


For any other questions on gifting INKPAY, email our customer care team -