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INKPAY delivers clients that request high quality jobs, more often.  

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We offer the world's FIRST & ONLY purpose-built financial & marketing platform for the Tattoo Industry.

INKPAY is as much for Studios as it is for customers, as we deliver new customers, with pre-approved spend limits.

Our founders have owned studios, employed artists and serviced customers of all types... We know the issues and have built the solution. Our data shows that INKPAY customers request higher quality jobs, with a high frequency that return as regular clients.

We’re easy to deal with, absolutely transparent, and dedicated to helping your business (and the Industry) grow, whilst building tools that empower customers to continue purchasing the best tattoos possible.

There are zero technical hoops to jump through or new hardware requirements - if you have a computer, iPad or smart phone - you can accept INKPAY payments. It is that easy!

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We’ve designed INKPAY to be a win-win for all. We’re only successful when you’re successful.

Right now, we are in scale-up mode, investing all revenue back into developing better software for the tattoo industry. 




(% of Sale Price)










This is the total amount of $ sales you have done via INKPAY in a 30 day period.
Once a target has been reached, ALL new jobs for this month and the next will attract the new commission rate.

As we release more cool features, your Studio Status will unlock access to them!

The more INKPAY jobs you do, the less you pay! Remember, no sale, no fee... We only make money when you do!


  3 mins


INKPAY customers will already have a pre- approved $ limit to spend in your studio. Non-Inkpay customers who are in your studio can register ‘on the fly’ and get a response, all in less than 3 minutes.

  30 secs


Login to your unique INKPAY Studio dashboard and create the job (it takes less than 30 seconds)! Press send.

  30 secs


Customer immediately receives a unique INKPAY payment plan for this specific job (delivered to their INKPAY dashboard AND their email address) and accepts.



Studio immediately receives confirmation that the customer is APPROVED or NOT APPROVED. If approved, you’re good to go!

  4pm daily


At 4pm EVERY week day (Mon-Fri), we pay out all jobs for that day (less your INKPAY studio fee).

Remember, we can ONLY pay out for jobs when you have received a unique APPROVED email.

No approval, no Tattoos!

The Power of a new Payments Platform...

We empower your customers with better budgets, which means you get more work and bigger jobs. We pay out all jobs at 4pm daily, so you’re never waiting for your money.

No joining fees, no set-up fees, no monthly fees. In fact the only time you pay us is after we’ve paid you!

What’s better is that the more business you do, the less fees you pay. You can see how this works on the back pages.

...With the Magic of a Marketplace

Guess where your next new customer is going to find you?

Yep, right here on the INKPAY Studio Search pages.

INKPAY registered customers already have a pre-authorised $amount they can spend at your INKPAY studio, and when they’re on our search pages, they can easily find you and quickly get in the chair!

Stand Out

Your unique INKPAY Studio profile allows you to personalise & promote yourself directly to new clients via our platform.

What’s even better is that we’ll empower them with the funds to come and do business with you.


Your private Studio Dashboard.

Every quote, every customer, every transaction, every job... all in an easy- to use portal to help you keep on top of your INKPAY activities.

Add your logo, manage your brand and display your artist’s best work...because INKPAY- powered customers will be watching!