I’ve messed up my registration and can’t get in to change it

You’re not alone! We have had many users putting wrong emails and mobile numbers in 🙁 We are working on this fix right now, so you will be able to correct certain registration details! Please note though, when you submit your identity documents, that this part is a one-time only chance due to stringent legal requirements, and will not be open to change once submitted.

Why are there no studios near me?

We are currently in our final trials of the INKPAY system. We have purposefully only allowed a handful of studios to join us in this test-phase, just to make sure everything works as it should, and INKPAY is the best it can be for customers and studios. Once we (and our users) are happy, we will be opening up the platform and inviting 500 studios across Australia the opportunity to join us.

Can I give INKPAY as a gift?

Not yet – but we’re working on it!

Can I give some of my INKPAY balance to a friend?

Officially, no! Unofficially, it’s up to you. INKPAY itself is non-transferable, meaning any offer of INKPAY funds by us to you, or an acceptance of a payment plan from us – by you, are strictly between you (as the user) and us, for the full amount of that plan. If you pay for a friends Tattoo with some of your INKPAY funds, you will accept the payment plan as an INKPAY registered user and account-holder, and your friend will owe you for that! You will still be solely responsible for fulfilling your agreement with us in full.

Do I have to use my whole INKPAY amount?

Nope. Our systems provide many customers with an INKPAY funding line which is the maximum we think you can repay comfortably. You can spend any amount of this sum up to the whole! Just remember to only use what you are comfortable to repay over 6 weeks.

What is a customer status?

A customer status lets us know your account management/repayment history with us. It simply means your level of INKPAY funds and your repayment behaviour are above-average according to our systems!

Why didn’t I get any funds?

There are many reasons we may refuse to offer a customer our INKPAY funding product. It may be a lack of correct identity documents, or your registration a data does not match our requirements at this time. If this happens to you, perhaps wait 3-6 months and try again. INKPAY reserves the right to refuse to offer the INKPAY product, as stated in our terms of use.

I have a question that isn’t here

No problemo! These are just a few of the more common questions we get asked. For anything else, send us a note to and we’ll try and get back to you pronto!

What is INKPAY?

INKPAY is a payment solution for the Tattoo industry. We help you budget for that next cool piece of Ink by allowing you to spread the payments… With INKPAY, you can Tattoo Today and Take 6 weeks to pay!

Do you do Credit Checks?

Nope. We believe in trying to give everybody a fair go, regardless of your past hiccups! To register for INKPAY, you will need to provide valid ID and some personal information, and our systems will determine the potential INKPAY $amount you can spend at one of our partner studios.

What if I can’t or don’t pay?

We know circumstances can change and we are here to help those who genuinely need it. We have a hardship policy which may allow us to reschedule a stage payment without getting fined. Unfortunately, if you are not in genuine need and you miss payments or refuse to make them, we will issue fines as set out in our terms, and, in the event of non-payment, will consider collections action against you. We can also report your repayment behaviour to credit reference companies and other ‘Buy-now, Pay-later’ businesses, which may affect your ability to obtain similar services in the future.

How much can I get?

Each INKPAY customer is unique. If successful, our systems will allocate an amount we believe you can comfortably repay. Once you have repaid this amount, on time and with no late fees, we may increase your INKPAY $limit by 50%.

Where can I get an INKPAY Tattoo?

We are currently in final tests with approximately 25 studios who you can find here. From September, we will be growing to 500 Australian Tattoo Studios.



What is INKPAY?

INKPAY is a new Tattoo payments platform, built by studios for studios. We created INKPAY to allow our partner studios to attract and empower customers by allowing them to Tattoo Today and take 6 weeks to pay, letting you do bigger & better jobs more regularly! We are also a marketing platform, delivering valuable new clients to our partner studios with guaranteed $spending power!

How does it work?

INKPAY is as simple as we could make it (while adhering to all the regulations)! Once you become an INKPAY studio, all you have to do is create an invoice when your client is ready (it takes 30 seconds)! Then, if our system says it’s all good, you will get an instant approval message and be able to put the client in the chair!

How much does it cost?

Nothing until you do a job. No set-up fees, no joining fees, no monthly fees. You pay us a small commission from the job, when we pay you, so you’re always ahead! We’ve tried to keep costs low and. the more you do, the less commissions you pay. Thats the INKPAY way!

How do I get paid?

We know cashflow is king. INKPAY payment runs occur every weekday at 4pm, paying out all jobs for that day (less our fees). Depending on your bank, this may appear in your account immediately or perhaps next day. All weekend jobs are paid at 4pm on the following Monday.

Why should I join & offer INKPAY

Why not? For less than the price of a boosted social media post, isn’t it better to have a paying client in your shop? You only pay us AFTER you get a client in the chair! Also, a lot of clients will come from our website, where they seek INKPAY-powered studios and can also upload jobs via our QuikQuote system, which we send to INKPAY studios. It’s a win-win really!

How hard is it to create an Account?

It’s easy! Right now we are controlling our growth and creating accounts here internally at INKPAY HQ.

Fill in the expression of interest form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

I’m registering and it wants my bank details. Why?

Well you’re not working for free, right? (but let us know if you are and we’ll come and visit for some INK)! We need your Banking deet’s so we can send you the payments once you’ve done a great job!

So if the customer is paying in 6 weeks, do I have to wait for 6 weeks?

Nope. We wait, you don’t. We release the Job payment (minus our fee) at 4pm every weekday, so you’re never far behind!

I just want to offer the INKPAY payments, not see any new jobs. Can I?

Sure (although we can’t think why you’d feel this way)?!

Just don’t download the awesome & free QuikQuote APP and you won’t see all the cool jobs people want done!

The jobs still be in your desktop notifications, but you can ignore them (if you really want to)!

When do I create an INKPAY job/invoice? At time of booking or day of the Tattoo?

INKPAY invoices are only to be created on the day of the job being done, never prior.

This is because the customer will receive 6 week terms from the day they get their new Tattoo, not the day they book it (when that date differs)!

It is also the day you, as a studio, receives payment from us.

My studio requires deposits. How does this work with INKPAY?

To be honest, it doesn’t! We know most studios require a deposit when booking, but as each studio has different rules, it is hard to work into our systems.

In these cases, we recommend you take a customer deposit as usual at time of booking (in line with your usual studio operating procedure & terms), and when the customer comes to get the job on the day, process them into the INKPAY system for approval, after that refunding the deposit they provided.

I have a question and its not here. HELP!

No problem. These are just some of the regular ones.

For anything else, hit us up on an email and we’ll happily get back to you ASAP!