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Get your favourite studio to join them


A. INKPAY On-Demand puts the customer in the drivers seat! If you have a favourite/preferred Studio or Artist and they don’t have/know about INKPAY, you can request them to use our rapid sign-up process and do your job. When they do, we’ll give you a $250 INKPAY credit for your next Tattoo as a thank you!
A. An INKPAY limit is the total allowance given to the INKPAY user, for them to get a Tattoo and pay it off in instalments.
A. The studio will receive a notification that you have requested a job via INKPAY, and they will need to complete the short sign-up form (2 mins)! Once that’s done, you will receive a notification that they have accepted the order and you can confirm the job & booking time.

Note: There is no guarantee that the Artist or Studio will accept your job. The decision to accept or reject any INKPAY On-Demand orders lies solely on the Artist or Studio.
A. If you accept an order that exceeds your available spend limit, the order will be processed as per usual, however, any excess amount beyond your limit will be paid on top of your initial deposit. For example, if a customers limit is $500 and the cost of the order is $600, their payment plan will be set up based on their $500 limit with the additional $100 being paid at time of order confirmation (40%).
A. Yes, you absolutely can! There are no charges, fees or penalties for early repayments, and your limit is recharged accordingly.

To make an early payment you can log into your INKPAY account and select to Pay Now on your upcoming repayments. Please ensure that you have checked the due date of payment that you wish to make so that you are making the desired/correct payment.

Please note that not all mobile devices support the Pay Now option within the app. If this affects you, you may need to log into your account via the website and an internet browser to complete your repayment.
A. Not at all. You can use as little or as much of your available limit as you please. However, it should be noted that some studios have a minimum spend amount.
A.Contact our friendly Support staff with any questions or additional help you have and need.

If you have further questions, please check out the Inkpay Help & FAQs.

* $250 amount will be applied to your bonus balance upon full repayment of this order. One tattoo credit only per new Studio registration