July 9

Melbourne Stage 3 Lockdown

As our Melbourne based studio partners enter lockdown again to deal with the localised coronavirus outbreak, we have suspended the creation of new jobs in affected areas.

The rest of Victoria, and all other states of our great country are still open for business!

We encourage everyone in Melbourne to comply with the lockdown rules, and wish you success and good health as you take the steps necessary to deal with this pandemic. We will be ready to provide funding for more great quality tattoos in Melbourne once the government deems it is safe to do so.

And whether you're in lockdown or not, you should check out the latest season of Ink Master, brought to you by INKPAY on 7Mate nationally - Monday nights from 8:30pm.


June 6

Straight Outta Lockdown!

Most Australian states are open for business again, and we're right there with you, providing funding for quality tattoos.

As things begin to return to sense of normalcy, it's important that we all work together to ensure our health & prosperity. So practice social distancing and good hygiene. Make sure that you're treating fellow tattoo lovers with respect and consideration, as we're all in this together.

To celebrate our country coming together successfully to prevent a coronavirus catastrophe, and a return to tattooing - we'll be working with Studios to offer some great winter promotions over the next three months. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, remember that you can have a chance to win your tattoo every month just by using Inkpay!

Enjoy getting out of your house again and take care out there.



April 18


Australian Tattoo Studios & Artists are struggling to pay bills and feed families. As mainly Sole Traders, they have been overlooked by most stimulus packages.

Our good friends and top Australian artists Damien Wickham & Shannon Khan have created a petition to get Tattoo Studios open for business again, and we’re all about trying to make that happen…

We’re reaching out to our 75,000 customers & their connections, 300+ Studios (and the artists who work in them) to help this movement gain pace, mucho rapido.

10,000 signatures gets a Government response. 100,000 signatures gets a parliamentary hearing.

We want to get back to Inking the Nation, and the power of the people can help.

PLEASE, please hit the link here and spend 30 seconds of your life to help re-open the Studios!


March 25

And so it begins…

Just a few short weeks ago, here at INKPAY HQ we were busily preparing for the welcoming of new staff, launching more products & features, and looking at international expansion. We never imagined that our great industry would be forced to shutter its doors and bunker-down, along with the rest of the world.

Yet here we are. In less than 8hrs (as I write this), we will join the already-closed businesses across the world by downing tools and locking our doors, only to sit and wait for the green-light to come.

But come it will.

We have been here before. The GFC, the Twin Tower attacks, World Wars.

These are the tough times. The hard yards. These are the times where we find out just how resilient we are, and what we are capable of enduring.

Better still, these are the times where we can reflect, react and rebuild… bigger, better, stronger.

The skies ALWAYS clear.

When this terrible COVID-19 virus is contained (and it WILL be contained), the pubs, cafes and restaurants will be full.

The sports stadiums will be noisy. Concerts will be sold-out.

Beaches will be busy and shoppers will be shopping.

Tattooers will be Tattooing. And INKPAY will be ready…

We’re not going anywhere. During this downtime, our team remain fully-employed and will be working remotely. We’re improving our software, sharpening our processes and preparing to come out of the gates stronger than ever.

Until then, and as of midnight tonight (March 25th 2020), we have suspended the creation of new jobs in our system in order to comply with Australian Government Directives.

As soon as we are legally and responsibly able to do so, we will be once again opening the doors with our fellow Tattoo Studio operators, ready to Ink the nation.

Until then, stay safe and be kind to your fellow human beings.

We’re all in this together.


Further information regarding the Coronavirus in Australia can be found at Health.gov.au.

March 24

An open letter from our CEO

Dear Reader,

It is certainly an unprecedented and uncertain time for us all, with COVID-19 and the resulting health and economic fallout increasing by the hour.

In these times of great uncertainty, we can only act upon and react to changing conditions as they present themselves. This often means making tough decisions in order to preserve the ongoing health and safety of our customers, studios, artists and employees. We need to protect the future viability of not just the INKPAY business, but everyone else that relies on our services also.

So, in this current situation I feel it would be remiss of INKPAY to continue to extend finance to those who, through no fault of their own - may find themselves becoming over-extended financially. This could possibly add to the uncertainty and anxiety that exists in many of our lives us at this time.

Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to suspend all new account openings for a short, but currently undefined, period of time. We will revise this decision as more information becomes available about how our society will be affected further by the Coronavirus.

We have not reached this decision lightly. However we must act with integrity and ensure that we keep the well-being of our fellow Australians front of mind.

If you already have an INKPAY account, I can assure you that it is business as usual. New applicants will receive an invitation to complete their registration as soon as possible.

In closing, I want to thank you all for you interest in INKPAY, and ask you all to please stay safe and look after your fellow human beings. We’re all in this together.


Further information regarding the Coronavirus in Australia can be found at Health.gov.au.