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Monique Beheit

Hi Monique here thinking about a new tattoo. Browse through the hundreds I have done on our face book page. I specialise in Floral designs from Peonies to Roses, Animals, & Mandalas. & My famous Urban Gods & Goddesses . My style is stippling (a form of shading like dot work) Greywash & Water Colour. So not sure about what you want, then book a complementary consult.

I create affordable art for your body & with Inkpay makes it  easier to get it done. I work with your budget & we can even do a few sessions. Inkpay takes the pressure off you , so Inkpay today 

Lets do it – only at Urban Ink – we are located in Ingle Farm Shopping Centre, marked as the most beautiful studio in SA, come see why – Urban Ink is the “Gold Standard in OHS. We welcome you to pop in anytime. 


Current Studio: Urban Ink


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