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Dean Macdonald

Hey guys, Deano here. My fiance Brooke and I are the proud owners of Vamp’d Tattoos.

I have been tattooing for nearly 10 years and am proficient in most genres, except for portraits. I really enjoy doing Dotwork, Neotraditional, Traditional and semi realism black and grey.

A little bit about me…….. I am the proud dad of 3 kids and Poppy to 3 beautiful grandchildren. I am an animal lover, a musician and a pretty relaxed, down to earth kinda guy. Prior to tattooing i was a nurse for 9 years and prior to that, a chef for 10 years (although i hate cooking now haha)

So check out my work and if you like it, pop in and see me for your next piece of ink!!!

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Current Studio: Vamp'd Tattoo


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