INKPAY is the world’s first multi-functional technology platform for the global Tattoo Industry. We’re in the business of introducing customers to the right Artists for the job, and providing unique financial solutions to help get the deals done!

Built by a team of Tattooing, Digital, Financial and Brand enthusiasts, we’re trying to change the game for every- body, for the better.

We work for the customers, the Artists and the Studios.

For a $9Billion industry, we’ve worked hard to design and build a one-stop-shop to help everybody get the right results!

We’ve launched with our INKPAY payment product, where you can Tattoo today with 6 weeks to pay, and our QuikQuote technology, where customers can upload their jobs just once and we prompt all the relevant Artists to provide quotes.

We’ve got some bigger plans and products in the pipeline. Once registered, you’ll be the first to know when we launch them.

For anything else, hit us up on an email and we’ll happily get back to you ASAP!